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AUTOMAT-E is an innovative concept allowing caterers and restaurateurs to increase their exposure at lower cost by selling their fresh products through connected self-served vending machines with lockers.

These refrigerated and/or non-refrigerated vending machines are connected to an order terminal allowing consumers to buy and pick up 24h a day, an order previously placed via our AUTOMAT-E mobile application.

Our solution is scalable, modular and can be integrated perfectly into offices, coworking spaces, or standalone outdoor/indoor and supplied with fresh products by local restaurants and caterers.

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Compact 14

Control terminal with 14 individual compartments

H 85,7 x W 55,1 x D 28,5 inches

Dimensions of the individual compartments
H 5,5 x W 13 x D 21,3 inches

Capacity :
Control of to up additional refrigerated modules

Screen :
H 19,2 x W 10,8 inches
Secure :
Secure Locking

Connection :
Wired our router

Payment :
Credit card, Contactless, All-in-one & Cash

Option Hatch System Available.

Module 15

Module with 15 individual compartments

Refrigerated module
H 88,2 x W 55,1 x D 28,5 inches

Non-refrigerated module
H 76 x W 55,1 x D 28,6 inches

Dimensions of the locker
H 9,8 x W 13 x D 21,3 inches

Module 21

Module with 21 individual compartments

Refrigerated module
H 88,2 x W 55,1 x D 28,5 inhes

Non-refrigerated module
H 76 x W 55,1 x D 28,5 inches

Dimensions of the locker
H 5,5 x W 13 x D 21,3 inches

Option Hatch System Available.

The Hatch System

2 sales in one locker

The hatch system allows you to sell twice in the same locker.

4 simple steps :
1. Fill your locker with two products
2. The first product is sold, the customer close the door
3. The hatch opens
4. Second product ready to be sold.

Option available on Compact 14 and Module 21.

Any products in your lockers

Business Model Projection


Compact 14
with hatch system


monthly profit

of profit margin

Compact 14 + Module 21
with hatch system


monthly profit

of profit margin

A connected solution


Our integrated connected management solution

The Kiosk gives you access to the information concerning your vending machine.

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Manage your products, your prices, your photos, your VAT, and others.

Product Layout

Organize and mange your products by module.


Create multiples users and manage your account.


Visualize and control temperatures.


Visualize your transactions details and sales details.


Review the flow of visitors

Sell your products
easily to everyone.

Available in the USA

Download the Automate-e app and find a locker near by!


Pick a locker, purchase and collect your good whenever you want.

Fast Interface

Intuitive menu, easy tonavigate through the different tabs.

Unique management of the cold


Choose the temperature of each refrigerated module.

Our cooling control system


Each module manages temperature independently, you can therefore offer products with different preservation methods in a single dispenser.


The temperature can be set to any degree per module, as well as the deactivation of the cooling system, to optimize energy consumption. Thanks to the individual display, you can check the temperature of any products at any time.


Our refrigerated lockers are equipped with 14 mm double glazing for reliability and safety.
The management of the cold system allows the temperature to be maintained between 37,4°F and 55,4°F.
(in an environnement ranging form 37,4°F to 78,8°F).


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